Our Mission

Solving the toughest water management, treatment and process challenges globally

INDRA has developed SMART turnkey solutions enabling to recycle the toughest wastewater and effluents in the industry.

INDRA caters to a variety of requirements which include Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) for residential/commercial establishments, and Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) in the textile/dye industries and chemical industries.

Awards and Recognition

IIGP 2.0 Top 50 Startups
Nidhi Prayas Grant Awardee

Water Treatment Technology

Indra’s patented wastewater treatment methodology is capable of a variety of water treatment needs through novel innovations in electrocoagulation, electrochemical oxidation, two-phase solids separation, disinfection, distillation and pollutant monitoring hardware. Our solutions are modular and scalable depending on throughput requirements. The unique process design and implementation of technologies is more effective, affordable, and requires lower maintenance, providing the best in class “Rupees per KL” treatment cost.

Products and Features

Indra Flow Series

Indra Flow Series is an Electro-Coagulation (EC) based system designed to remove pollutants from residential, commercial, municipal or industrial wastewater. Flow Series provides a low energy, chemical free alternative to chemical coagulation and other membrane or biological enzyme based processes. 

Indra Activated Flow Series

Indra Activated Flow Series is a treatment system which combines our pioneering ‘Sludge Activated Flocculation’ (SAF) technology and ‘Activated Treatment’ process with the Flow Series system to treat effluents with very high content of COD, BOD, TDS, turbidity, coloration and harmful chemicals from industrial wastewater streams.

Indra Electrox Series

The ‘Electrox Series’ is our most advanced industrial wastewater treatment system. It combines Activated Flow Series with Electro-chemical oxidation technology to achieve multi-stage controlled wastewater treatment. The Electrox Series is extremely effective in treating wastewater with very high content of organic carbon and oxygen demanding substances. It also effectively deals with a host of other pollutants present in the industrial wastewater effluent stream.

Helping you save more...

Plug and Play Installation

Save more than 35% on Capex

Atleast 40% Lower Footprint

Save more than 40% on Opex

Less than 5% Minimum Liquid Discharge

Powered by Indra Smart Automation

Chemical Free Treatment

Output Capacity: 10-200KLD

Meets National/ International Compliances

*Indra Spectrum Analytics (Optional Add on)

Water Management

Indra Smart Automation

INDRA SMART is an advanced automation platform which optimizes systems to improve treatment efficiency, consistency and reduce operational costs. The INDRA SMART platform enables remote system control, fine-tuning and real-time troubleshooting.

All INDRA systems come inbuilt with INDRA SMART.

Indra Spectrum Analytics

INDRA SPECTRUM is our analytics platform for greater insights into water resource management. SPECTRUM is powered by an integrated network of sensor bundles, analyzers, smart algorithms and a rapidly evolving database. SPECTRUM can greatly reduce the cost per point of measurements without sacrificing the quality of measurements. Real time feedback provided by SPECTRUM improves performance and optimizes maintenance cycles of systems and provides data driven predictive analysis for better water management.